​​Photography by Gustavo Oliverio, Tara Kan and Kimberley Lauren Smith

​Ryan KP's musical career began with the guitar. From his early childhood Ryan studied classical guitar, and by his teenage years was performing in front of large audiences. Ryan's passion for the instrument expanded into a similar fascination for music in all its forms. After a few years Ryan was renowned for his beatboxing talents from performing at numerous hip hop joints and nightclubs, both nationally and internationally.

A life changing event caused Ryan to rethink his direction. Late 2008, Ryan was involved in a serious motorcycle accident which landed him in a coma. Upon waking up, Ryan found himself unable to play guitar at the level he previously enjoyed. Faced with the loss of this aspect of this musical life Ryan turned his attention to music production. 

Ryan  later moved to a bigger city - Melbourne, Australia. From here he met and collaborated with extensively talented artists while developing his sound. His production expertise broadened to an extent where he has progressively created his own signature style. 

After countless hours of experimenting and recording several musicians, emerging from his Flinders Street studio apartment came Ryan's unique track called "Truth" featuring MoMan. This was Ryan's first track to get picked up by a German record label. From here Ryan's journey soared where he was able to build a network of profound artists and play his music in Melbourne on a regular basis. In short time Ryan's music hit the top Chillout charts on Beatport and featured in many well known compilations such Buddha Lounge, various Del Mar compilations and dozens of other compilations across the globe. Ryan's work includes eccentric collaborations with the very humble and successful Anthony Hicks who has helped mentor Ryan throughout his music career. Now several affiliated record labels, mainstream European TV shows, internationally known Lounge/Chill-out DJ's, Ibiza and other soothing beaches across the world have enjoyed the presence of Ryan KP's unique sound. 

From guitar to beatboxing to production/composing and songwriting, Ryan KP's musical repertoire is one of constant progress. His fans, clientele and even Ryan himself are very excited to see in which direction he'll head next!