About Ryan

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​​​​Ryan KP's musical career began with the guitar, which he began studying at a very young age, performing in front of large audiences by his early teens. By his late teens and early 20s, Ryan’s interests expanded into other art forms, including beatboxing, which he used to make a name for himself throughout various hip hop joints and nightclubs across the globe.

In late 2008, Ryan was involved in a serious motorcycle accident causing him to lapse into a coma. Upon waking, Ryan was unable to play guitar at the level he previously enjoyed, and soon came to grips with the fact that he would never perform at the same level as before his accident. Still fueled by his passion for music and determined to never give up, Ryan refocused his talents towards music production. After moving to Melbourne, he began collaborating with top names in the industry and eventually carved out a reputation as a trusted partner for any artist.

His first EP, “Truth,” was picked up by a German record label, propelling him into an even higher network of talented artists. It wasn’t long before his work hit the top of Beatport’s Chillout charts, and began getting featured on some of the most listened to lounge mixes and CD compilations across the globe. Ryan's work includes entrancing collaborations with the very humble and successful Anthony Hicks who has helped mentor Ryan throughout his music career. To date, Ryan’s songs have been listened to more than 10 million times, and his online fanbase continues to grow day by day.

In spite of the major challenges in his career, Ryan feels incredibly blessed by his fans and fellow artists who have carried him into a level of success he could only dream of. Watch for more releases from Ryan as he continues to expand his repertoire.

Producer - Songwriter - Composer - DJ